Crumbling Blocks – a Systemic Wisdom Poem

In this special in-residence project does artist Ines Camino translate the systemic wisdoms of systemic coach Oscar Westra van Holthe into visuals and poems that speak to your heart.

Crumbling blocks

You had once a full soul,

Joy, laugh, a heart without a hole.
What created that rupture?
What did you have, but have no more?

Was it a faded love?
A lost purpose?
A lack thereof?

You built a fort of protection,
Long nights and no motivation.
If there is no longer a fort, what are you building now?

What are you doing instead of laughing?
Running? Smiling?
What are you doing with the building blocks?

How did that rage arise?
The one that destroyed your fort,
And teared up your eyes.
Did it create a new vice?
Or did it only bring demise?

You have new building blocks now.
What are you building?
Do you choose to tie your arms?
Or build greatness somehow?

What good will come from tied arms?
What cost will you pay for not building?
Take a zoomed-out picture,
See how inaction harms.

– Inés Camino –

Inés Camino
Contributing artist

Oscar Westra van Holthe
Team Coach Zuidas

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