The bottle – a Systemic Wisdom Poem

In this special in-residence project does artist Ines Camino translate the systemic wisdoms of systemic coach Oscar Westra van Holthe into visuals and poems that speak to your heart.

The bottle

You overthink, nauseous,

Repressed, afraid, cautious.
You can bottle it up, get stuck.
You can throw up, release,
A creative spree of luck.

Naked to the eye,
Sometimes pain people can recognize.
Other times the beauty of expression
Doesn’t need a why.

A shadow follows you,
You try to contain it,
Wander in darkness.
The more you suppress it,
The more it will harness.

You might try to hide it,

Enlarge it.
Convince yourself of security,
Nothing but a false stability.

Though it can also harvest ambition.
You are willing to prove your talents,
Seek recognition.

Are you still bottling it up?
In order to decompress,
Your energy you can’t lock up.

– Inés Camino –

Inés Camino
Contributing artist

Oscar Westra van Holthe
Team Coach Zuidas

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