Hidden mirrors – a Systemic Wisdom Poem

In this special in-residence project does artist Ines Camino translate the systemic wisdoms of systemic coach Oscar Westra van Holthe into visuals and poems that speak to your heart.

Hidden mirrors

What if others are hidden mirrors?
Misdirected emotion,
Inner rage triggers.

Can you be blind to your own anger?
Projecting and avoiding helplessness
Your feelings hamper.

You might also be a hidden mirror,
Absorbing other’s misdirection,
The spark that lit the fire unclear.

Who do you see in the projection?
Relatives? Friends? Colleagues?
A misguided direction,
Perhaps even a confused relation.

A history resurfacing?
A reality disconnection?
A spiral of unsafety darkening.

If you want to survive,
The mirror you must unmask
For your own reflection to revive.

– Inés Camino –

Inés Camino
Contributing artist

Oscar Westra van Holthe
Team Coach Zuidas

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