Partnership – a Systemic Wisdom Poem

In this special in-residence project does artist Ines Camino translate the systemic wisdoms of systemic coach Oscar Westra van Holthe into visuals and poems that speak to your heart.


How will your story look like?
Partners in crime?

Classic Bonnie and Clyde?
Glass half empty or half full?
Always a game of push and pull.

Always searching to improve,
Can’t it be already good?
Will an underlying conflict
Disrupt the entire mood?

Will you accept “no” when you expect “yes”?
It’s not a personal attack,
Give it a rest.

Different speeds,
Unsynchronized paces,
Still, the story proceeds.

Will you wait?
See the glass half full?
With reassurance elevate?
Or your partnership debilitate?

It’s a story written by two,
In which walls are down,
And trust comes through.
Love, vulnerability will brew.

– Inés Camino –

Inés Camino
Contributing artist

Oscar Westra van Holthe
Team Coach Zuidas

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