Runners in the chase – a Systemic Wisdom Poem

In this special in-residence project does artist Ines Camino translate the systemic wisdoms of systemic coach Oscar Westra van Holthe into visuals and poems that speak to your heart.

Runners in the chase

You are running,
Fast pace, sweat and fear.
Who is following?
What can make your mind clear?

Are you running alone?
Look up, look around,
Look at those next you,
look at those before you.

Who started chasing?

Are your parents runners?
Siblings? Colleagues?
Realization creates wonders.

What is the chaser’s appearance?
How does the chase feel?
Is it a single race? A reoccurrence?

What will come once the chase ends?

What happens to fear?
Does it die? Perhaps it transcends.

Stop and look at the finish line.
Are you willing to cross it?
Turn and look the chaser in the eye,
Let your limits your reaction define;
Know we are all runners.

– Inés Camino –

Inés Camino
Contributing artist

Oscar Westra van Holthe
Team Coach Zuidas

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